Remote access to MicroSD footage

This might be a dumb question, but is it possible to have access to the playback footage saved on the SD card when not connected to the camera? Example, if I am away from home, but want to playback a video on the app that saved to the SD card - can I do that, or is it available only when connected to the same wifi as the camera?


To playback footage stored on the mSD card, you do have to be connected to the camera, but you do not have to be on the same local network.

So to be clear…the camera with the add card is in Miami and I’m in New York…I can watch footage from the SD card on my phone?

Welcome to the community, @b.brando. The support pages have some really good info. Below is an example on what you’re asking. :slight_smile:


Anyone knows if it is possible to remotely read the file videos stored in the micro sd card?

Wyze beatifuly stores videos organized in folders. But you have to physically take out the sd card.

This might be an old tread, but I just found out how.

Follow Steps 5a and 5b.