Regarding the link to share an event with Wyze

On the event page there’s a line of text where Wyze asks if you’d like to share the event with Wyze. There’s a prominent “yes” in blue to click on at the end of the line. So I really don’t like reaching over it to see my events in case I accidentally click on it & send Wyze a video of a cat turd in the corner when I’m using a cam to i.d. the culprit. My question is…is there a confirmation step after clicking the “yes?” If not there should be, or the option put into a drop down menu at the top on that particular page. I hope there is one. Wyze wouldn’t be shocked by a turd but still. Surely others have more embarrassing clips!

Welcome to the forums! Yes there is a confirmation page. Should look something similar to this:

At this time cat droppings are not something they are trying to train the AI to recognize.



Oh, thank you so much! No worries then. That last comment made me laugh haha🤣.

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If you have a multimeter to check the voltage at the wires that’d be even better! :slight_smile: