Refresh All Function for Cameras in App

I would like the ability to see a live view of all cameras in the app or at least the ability to refresh them all at once to see an image of what the cameras see at that moment. Currently, I have to click on each camera to see live video or an updated image. When I check cameras during the day, the cameras are all dark from when they were last checked the night before.

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If you create a Device Group for your cams, you can live stream up to 4 cams at a time with your phone/tablet in landscape mode. If you added more than 4 cams, swipe to the left to view another 4. Or you can create an additional group.

In portrait mode, grouped cam feeds are presented vertically and the number of feeds displayed is dependent on your device’s size/screen resolution setting. In portrait mode, scroll up to view additional cams in your group.

To create a group: Wyze app Home > “+” in the upper left hand corner > Add Device Group > Camera Group > Enter a group name > Select cameras for your group > “Done” in upper right corner. You can then click on the camera group icon on your Wyze app Home to view. You can rearrange the order of the cams displayed in your group view via: Wyze app Home > Click your group > Settings (the gear icon in the upper right) > click the green x number of cameras in Group > rearrange the camera order by dragging with the handles on the right (2 horizontal lines) > Save in upper left.

Note that the amount of cam feeds you are able to simultaneously display without lag, freezes and other abnormal behaviors is in direct proportion to your viewing device’s connection speed and ability to process and keep up with video streams. For example, if you’re trying to view a group of cam feeds on an antiquated cell phone using a slow 4G cellular connection (vs high-speed WiFi), you may only be able to simultaneously view 1-2 HD quality video streams.

Please let me know if I misinterpreted your request.

You can find more info about groups and other info on the Wyze app support pages here:


Ok, that’s wicked cool. I didn’t know we could do that!

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It would still be a nice feature to have

I think what OP was referring to was , like on Ring cameras. The cameras will be on the home tab and you can see the feed before opening it , when you first load the app the camera will refresh and give you a quick snapchat of the camera live feed so you can see what’s happening before you load the live feed

I assume… but nevertheless it would be nice because as OP referred . You have to click on the camera and wait for the live feed to load to see the action . Where as with the Ring method you may not even need to open the live feed , as long as you get a decent screenshot of the live feed you can determine if you want to open the live feed and view

Would be a nice feature , would be nice to have on all the wyze cameras . I wonder if it’s on the #wishlist :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: