Recording to SD Card - Is quality any better with new cameras (Cam OG or Cam v3 Pro)?

Hello, Referring back to this post
Poor Video Quality on SD Card Recording - Cameras - Wyze Forum

I currently have the Cam V3 and I also experienced the recording quality on SD card to be very pixelated and blurry.

I was wondering if this problem been addressed in the new cameras specifically Cam OG or Cam v3 Pro? Can you record in full resolution to SD card?

The root problem here is neither the camera nor the network can handle uncompressed data from a camera, which would be many hundreds of times higher than the bit rate we see. An uncompressed 1024p camera would likely fill up a 32 GB SD card in less than 5 minutes (if it was even capable of moving that much data). And no way a single-stream 802.11n network could handle such a data transfer, not even from a single cam.

An uncompressed data stream from a single camera would overwhelm a wired 1Gbps network.

So what you are seeing is a combination of the most cost-effective and possible solutions rolled into one. Right now the balance is maybe 40 cameras talking at once on the above IoT network. That works great. Also, you get multiple days on your 32GB card. :slight_smile:

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No one suggested using pure uncompressed video. The quality doesn’t have to suffer using the latest compression algorithms. Either Wyze is using a crappy outdated algorithm, or they are setting it to the maximum compression possible in order to save the most bandwidth at the expense of image clarity.

Also having a setting for users to select a better quality for SD card recording only would be helpful. But such things have been discussed before on this forum.

SD cards bigger than 32GB exist too you know :stuck_out_tongue:

However getting back to the original question I had which was if the newer cameras record better quality to SD Card than previous gen cameras? Does anyone know?

V3pro is a 2k camera, so yes it is higher quality and it’s noticeable increase, but it is still heavily compressed even on the SD card (which I agree should have reduced compression)