Poor Video Quality on SD Card Recording

Hello everyone,

I just unboxed two Wyze cameras and set them up around the house to test. I enabled HD and the continuous record function, and waited about an hour or so, then shut one off to check the recording quality on the microSD card.

I was shocked to see how bad the video recording quality is when set to HD! Sure, the frame size is 1920x1080, but the video itself is so compressed, it looks like it is not even SD quality, blown up to HD sizing. I understand for streaming service, the data rate needs to be low, but I expected the recording straight to the card to be full HD quality like advertised. Is this normal, or did I receive two bad cameras??

Also, on both cameras, inserting the microSD card was difficult to say the least. They never ‘clicked-in’ like in all other devices. They never wanted to stay in, and I had to end up using tweezers to push them in farther to catch. And, when trying to remove the card, they wouldn’t click out like normal. They were stuck in there. I again had to use tweezers on them to get them to eventually come out. But they didn’t pop out, they finally poked out just enough for me to grab them.

I’m a bit let down by my purchase so far. I understand they are cheap cameras, but after the good reviews I read, I had no idea they were this cheaply made with such poor image quality. Again…did I just receive two bad ones? Seems unlikely…


Sorry no solutions here; just wanted to add my experience. I just checked my HD recording and was surprised to see the same thing. The video looks worse than SD. So many things are slightly blurry.


Any update on this? We need higher quality recordings on the local SD card! The camera can do 1080p but the recordings are very low quality where it looks pixelated and highly compressed.


I was coming to post this same thing. I was very surprised that the quality was as bad as it was coming straight off of the SD card.