Recording of playback from a v3 cam - FAILED

FYI, there is an older thread concerning this very issue here. Glad that at least now this has Wyze’s attention.


Hey thanks for that! I’ll post a link back to this thread such that the two are cross referenced. I’ll also let the folks in the other thread know about the case number I have going with WYZE.

As promised, I am keeping you all updated on the communication that I have with WYZE pertaining to this matter. I received this email from WYZE about an hour ago. I have removed my name from the email and replaced it with my forum nick. I have replied to the email below thanking WYZE for the update. Within my reply I also provided them with a link to this thread as well as the other forum thread that discusses the same problem. The email from WYZE follows.

Your ticket (973495) has been updated. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.

Shannon (Wyze)

Jan 12, 2021, 4:33 PM PST

Hey Known1,

Thank you for submitting a log before. My name is Shannon from the Wyze Wizards team, and I just wanted to reach out and follow up with you.
Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved as soon as possible.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow its progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions soon.

Thanks for your time and patience,

Shannon | Wyze Wizard

I have this issue with both of my V3s I currently have set up. I have a third v3 that isn’t set up yet so it’s untested.
My cameras are from the first pre-order delivery, and I’m using Android 11 on a Pixel 4a 5G.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to create an account here on the WYZE forums such that you could share your experience. We all have high hopes that this issue is resolved soon.

Thanks again,

There is another thread with multiple reports of this same problem here:

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. You are the first person that I know of that has tested this on an Apple device as well as an Android. Based on your info, maybe this issue is isolated to Android devices only? With that said, that still doesn’t explain why some people with multiple v3’s have cams that record playback on their Android device and other cams that won’t.

Hopefully WYZE will provide us with an update on this soon. This coming Monday will make 2 weeks since I reported this issue. Based on the other thread, others reported this problem to WYZE well before that.

For what it’s worth, I tried this on a different device. I have an Android phone and a lesser-used Android tablet. Zero Apple devices. I tried the recording-from-playback routine using the app on the tablet, same result as the phone. One V3 records the blank file, the other V3 and all V2 cameras continue to work fine.

Yeah, I’ve tried two different Android devices (both run a different version of Android) and had the same results. No love from my one and only v3 when it comes to recording from playback.

As a side note, I received an email from WYZE stating my 2nd v3 is coming via USPS. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be able to report on that cam.

my attempts to record snippets of playback video failed on both my v3 cameras. easily able to view playback. when i finish recording a snippet, i see the alert that recording successful. when i check the album, a video shows up as 1 sec long but when i try to view or share, video empty. frustrating. firmware up to date.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Hopefully WYZE is working on this diligently as it’s a big deal to many people. I’m a bit disappointed and somewhat annoyed that I haven’t received another update from WYZE regarding this matter.

My personal update: Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to setup my new v3 that arrived the other day. I should have time to get to it this weekend. With any luck it will work properly. If it does, I’ll be RMAing my other device. Stay tuned…

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My new v3 that I ordered Christmas week has been configured. This one has no problems recording video clips from playback. I am going to give WYZE a call now to start the RMA process for my other camera that won’t record from playback.


I have the same issue with my V-3 cams only, I’ve had vandalism issues but from playback it say’s saved successfully but has zero bytes available, I can only save the “events” short video using the download icon to send to police, I’ve never had this issue with V-2 cams

I’ve been following this hoping to get some results, only today replied but experiencing the same issues with my android, 0 bytes even after saying saved successfully, I’ve tried everything you have with formatting and swapping SD cards but apparently it’s a firmware issue, I needed to save that video for police after vandals visited but could only send them the 10 second clip from the events section but have no issue with the v-2 cams. image

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Thanks for reporting your experience. Unfortunately you’ll have to remove the SD card and piece together the 1 minute video clips. This has been an ongoing hit and miss issue for well over a month now. (Someone else reported this issue before me in a different thread.) It would be fantastic if a WYZE representative would let us know what they think the issue is and when they may have a fix!

I was hopeful that firmware would fix this. If it is a firmware issue, then why do some V3’s work just fine and others do not when running the exact same version of firmware?

For instance, my “new” v3 ordered in December works just fine. However, the one I ordered back in October has this issue. Both are running the exact same version of firmware and are using the exact same make/model of microSD card on the same version of the WYZE application for Android.

This is why I’m RMAing my malfunctioning cam that was ordered in October. I’m done waiting and praying a firmware or application update will fix this issue. Yes, I have turned the corner and am now very annoyed. The silence from WYZE regarding this issue is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned!

I personally advise all others having this issue call WYZE and RMA your camera as well. Continued silence from WYZE regarding this issue does not bode well as far as I’m concerned. For those of you that do contact WYZE for an RMA, please feel free to reference case: 973495

WYZE Support:
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I pre-ordered 4 of my V-3’s so they were the first bunch and all 4 do the same thing, I don’t get any 1 minute clips it even fails on 20 second clips, I can only hope the motion detect catches it but still it’s only a 12 second clip and that I can download to send to police but it’s not enough, I upgraded for a better image which it is but if I can’t capture the saved video from the app then it’s basically useless if something goes down at 2 am. I wanted to order more V-3’s but they’re not available and maybe this is why?

Dave B

There are others within this thread that pre-ordered multiple cameras back in October as well. Some of their v3’s operate properly and others don’t (while using the android app). Then there are people in this thread who state that their v3’s work properly when using the Apple/IOS app, but not when they use the Android app.

Things are all over the place, which is why it would be fantastic if someone from WYZE would take time out of their busy day to shed some light on this issue. I haven’t had an update for 2 weeks now, which again doesn’t bode well for WYZE as far as I’m concerned.

Even when I called support yesterday for an RMA, they didn’t offer an update regarding the issue. Elijah simply started the RMA process by requesting information which he will pass to another group such that they can send me a return shipping label. My RMA is under a new case: 1010334

Personally I’m with you 100%, I believe they stopped accepting orders for the v3 because they discovered a hardware issue and had to have a bunch reworked/fixed. Yes, it’s just a theory and I have no proof. With that said, prior to the v3, has WYZE ever stopped taking orders for a product once it started to ship? I think not, but I may be wrong.

I dunno, I do realize they’re very busy making vacuums and door locks now, but their root business is CAMERAS…. Make the cameras work please! I’ve sold probably 50 to friends and neighbors through word of mouth but that mouth is getting a sour taste here lately… come on customer support!

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just tried this again after updating android app to 2.17.7 and still does not work on either v3 camera. still unhappy.

Same here, I’m still waiting for my RMA return label. I’ll be calling them tomorrow because they keep sending me emails stating they need more information…even though I have already provided all of the details 3 times plus gave the info to the dude over the phone!