Recording length longer than 10 seconds + another question

Currently, when motion activation kicks in, it records 10 seconds then quits for a predetermined amount of time. If someone were to break in, 10 seconds may not be long enough time to capture faces, etc. I know there is a time limit because we get free storage on their servers which brings me to my next question/request:

If I use an SD card to continually capture, that’s fine until the cameras are found by the persons breaking in and stolen, in which case the SD card is of no use. My request is to be able to have an app on the pc to have the camera’s record to, so if the camera’s are stolen, I still have a copy of the break-in. A combination of longer recording times when triggered plus recording while there is activity while sound/motion detection is ongoing to a local pc would be ideal.

I did look through the previous posts on this issue but didn’t seem to find any real answers.

BTW, Love the camera’s!

Well, possibly but in a different location in the house as I have several. Just hoping to capture more than 10 seconds of activity if something happens.