Recorded 8 video clips of complete darkness last night

What would cause my WCO to record complete darkness, last night…?

I got these notifications this morning, and presumed that something was blocking the lense, or maybe the cam had fallen face down. Went out to check it, and it was fine, hadn’t been disturbed. Since I was there, I brought it in to charge it and check to see if the IR lights were functioning properly. I covered the sensor, recorded a clip, and the IR leds lit up.

All the settings are the same as previous nights, I checked to verify, nothing has changed.

Night Vision Mode: Auto
Night Vision IR Lights: On

What gives?

Could have been a bug spending the night on your lens I have had that happen

Nope… I’ve had that happen many times, but never with total darkness, and never for 6 hours straight.

I don’t have an outdoor cam so forgive if this is a stupid question. How low was the battery? Could a low battery cause the IR lights to not activate?

That’s why I checked the battery life, WildBill, but it was still at 39%. I’ve run it all the way down to 5% and still had full functionality, and after bringing it inside and covering the light sensor, simulating complete darkness, I could visually see the IR LED’s illuminate.

Running the camera again last night, it worked perfectly fine.

Seems pretty simple, a heat differential such as animal or “swamp gas” moving in and out of sensor range but not long enough to be captured? There is always that delay between triggering and image capture with the WCO.

Delayed motion capture explains clear and steady video of the area(trees, plants, grass, etc.), which we have all seen, but a delayed motion capture does not explain complete darkness, when IR LEDs clearly light up the area. But thanks for the response.

So the LEDs stay on even when motion has stopped (normally)?


Uhhhhh, so then doesn’t my theory hold? The lights were off because there was no continued motion, thus darkness recorded…

Maybe you can explain. I don’t have a WCO.

When motion and/or heat activates the cam under darkness of night, it triggers the IR filter to drop over the lense, the IR LEDs to illuminate, then the video recording, in what seems to be that order. Only after the video clip stops, does the IR LEDs turn off and the IR filter retract.

Motion triggers a 12 second clip, or 30 second clip if you pay for the upgraded plan, not a continuous recording until motion stops. Then there is a reset delay.