WCO acting like a flashlight turning on at night(?) occasionally

My WCO camera actually lights up at night intermittently. My indoor Wyze Cam picks up the light turning on and records it. I first thought this might be a solar lawn light but after being recorded by my indoor cam when lighting up I now realize it is the WCO. As I said intermittent, but one day it went from 96% to 0%. Every night my indoor Wyze cam picks up the light from the WCO. Anyone else have this problem? I was not aware of any light being integrated in to camera.

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Your other cam is just picking up the night vision lights from the wco, I have a few cams around and they all pick each other’s night lights. When looking at it through live feed it’s freaky but when you look in real life there’s nothing. One camera can pick it up as motion if the other one just turned on.

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You can verify this with most cell phone cameras. Point the camera at the WCO lens and your’ll see the IR Lights.

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I did see this light on with my own eyes at night through a window when I first put it out in the yard. I thought it was one of the solar lights but it wasn’t. I moved the WCO to the side of the house not visible from the window and now it gets picked up by an indoor camera. Only a couple of times a night. It looks like someone turning on and off a flashlight. But one night the battery went from 100%-0% overnight figuring it might have stayed on for a long time that night.

They are not IR lights its like a flashlight. White light.

They are IR lights but under the night vision of another camera it does look like a flashlight at times. I have a WCO outside and when it detects motion the IR turns on and another cam detects the IR bouncing off the fence, looks exactly like a flashlight being shined on the fence