Record video to phone instead of Wyze cloud or local SD card

Feature request for cams: when motion is detected (or sound/alarm or whatever trigger), enable the ability to start recording to the user’s phone (automatically) instead of Wyze cloud or local SD card in the cam. Allow users to set how long of a video clip you wish to record during each event. This is especially helpful for the doorbell cam, which does not have the ability to record to local SD card.

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This is an interesting idea. The only issue I could see is the video would need to be sent over the internet to Wyze’s servers, then the phone. The video would also need to be downloaded to the phone so it would take up storage and battery life on the phone.

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No it wouldn’t? It could use the existing P2P system used for remote live viewing.

The tricky part might be waking up the phone and properly recording in real time regardless of the conditions of the phone and its network and storage…

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Why are we limiting to “instead”? I would like to see the SD card AND phone option. The SD card can cache the recording and then send it to your phone. If the phone is the only option; what happens if you loose your phone or it breaks?


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My concern is: will record live video to phone every second like a local SD card? I can go back to review what was happened even with no notification to trigger recording.

Welcome to the forums! The manual record button will record either live or playback for the duration between your click of “record” and click of “stop”. The app must remain active and in use, you can’t put the app in the background or anything. I only use the manual record function to record short snippets of video to my phone, never anything more than a few minutes. I use the local storage (sd card) on the cameras to save everything mostly and review from that if needed. Why do you want to save to your device and not use the local storage? Local storage doesn’t have notifications and you can set it to continuous or event only and it’ll all happen on the camera in the add if you have one installed in the camera.