Record from SD Card

When viewing SD card I than hit the record button to record a segment but can’t find the clip, its not in the album and not in my photos if I hit take a photo the pics goes into my photos app om computer. This is with a Floodlight pro.

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I seldom use my @#$%^& iPhone for Wyze except to test something in order to answer here on the forum. So I pulled out the iPhone and opened the Wyze app and brought one of my cameras. Then started watching playback from the uSD card and hit record. Let it record for 34 seconds. After that, the video was in the Album within the Wyze app, and in the Photos app on the phone. How you get them off the phone is for an Apple person to answer.

You can send them to yourself in a variety of ways via email, message and if large air drop or google drive. Delete -Just open the video and tap the trash can on the bottom of the page or select >tap>delete. If you don’t want to wait 30 days to remove them from icloud just go to Albums, scroll down to recently deleted and delete for good. :upside_down_face:

Every recording I have made from the SD card has been saved in the phone photo/media album.

The problem was they were not going to the album. But I checked this morning and they were there. Long lad for some reason. I have no issues getting things off phone or computer if I can get it from the SD Card.

Have you looked here? Might be helpful.