How to stop wyze cam to record on the iphone 6s

I noticed that when I turn on recording, wyze cam records on my iphone 6s and not on the sd card I have, which I have setup as local storage.

How can I stop wyze to not use my iphone but save video on the sd card on wyze cam?


Hello @jhussain7262 and welcome to the community.

The controls for SD card recording for an SD card inside the Wyze cam are found under the camera settings (gear icon in upper right of live view), then Advanced Settings, then Record to Micro SD card. The two option are continuous or events only.

When you push the record icon from live view, that record what you are currently loking out directly to your phone.

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Thanks for quick reply.

I have done that but when I turn the recording on using my Iphone 6s, it saved the file on my cell phone and not on the SD card in the Wyze Cam.
Ho to make Wyze cam to stop saving the file on phone and save on the SD card?


If you press the record button it will save to your phone, the only way to save to the card is turning on the other way I told you. You only have to press record if you want something you are watching sent to your phone. It will record to the SD card without pressing record. To see what is saved on the SD card press View Playback from the live view screen

I got it.

It means that if I click on record button on my phone then it will record to my phone memory and not to sd card.

I tested that and it works as you said.

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