record events only

I have a Pan Cam. Motion alerts set to on, detection zone set. I have it set to record events only. It is continuous recording. Unless I have missed something in the setup, it seems to do only continuous recording. I want events only.

I just did a test with one of my Pan Cams. It is normally set to record continuously, so first I turned alerts on and set it to events only. Then I waited about 10 minutes, and walked in front of it and flashed a flashlight at it a few times. Went back to my desk and took a look at the app. First of all, I got the notification for my flashlight event. then I looked at playback video. Just as I expected, prior to changing the recording setting from continuous to Events only, I had continuous recording. Then there was a 10 minute gap followed by the one minute where I flashed my flashlight at it, and then at the end of that minute, there was no more recordings. Last part of the test was to change back to continuous recording, and then waited a few minutes and checked playback again. Recording was back to continuous. Exactly as it should have been. My camera is firmware version


Thanks for your test, however that is not how mine is working. Recorded continuously overnight. My firmware version is also

I just blew up the recordings, so I could see them minute by minute, they are going on and off. When looked at zoomed out, it looks solid. I am not receiving any alert notices for motion detected. I have changed it to continuous recording to see if I receive any motion alearts.