Rechargeable batteries

Recently used rechargeable batteries in my door lock.

They seemed to run out much more quickly than regular AA batteries.

Any other experiences out there?

Rechargeable batteries absolutely die much faster in the Wyze Lock(s). This is because

  • They have a high self discharge rate (they continually lose power even when they aren’t currently being used)
  • They have a way Lower capacity and store way less energy than Alkaline and other battery types.
  • They have a lower voltage

So, while they may be More economical and more environmentally friendly in the long term since they can be recharged many many times, they really suck to be used for something that needs strong power like the motor for the lock, or for something that needs batteries to last a long time since they have a horrible self discharge rate.

Rechargeable batteries aren’t ideal for something like a door Smart deadbolt. You can use them, they just aren’t very efficient. It’s not what rechargeable batteries are good at or designed for.

Having said that, I love rechargeable batteries. I must have over a hundred in my house. I use them everywhere. Sometimes even in my Wyze Lock. They just really, really suck for some purposes that need a strong voltage, long lasting battery life and good capacity like a deadbolt.

This is totally normal. Not a “Wyze” issue.



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