Rearrange Shortcuts

I use shortcuts for several different options on my cameras. I would like to see an option to rearrrange them. I am asking because I have 24 cameras split between two locations. If I had a new shortcut I would like to have it in the correct position based on location. It would be helpful. Thank you.

Are you talking about this?

If so, just go to shortcuts and click edit and hold down with one finger and drag it.

As @Demonfire indicates above, this feature is already available albeit a little bit hidden away. To get to that screen, tap the Edit button on the right end of the shortcuts banner, then tap the Edit link top left of the next page. You must touch the 2-bar icon momentarily to “unlock” the row before you can slide it around.

Note that in the current beta app, the first step is to tap the three-dot icon top right of the home page, then choose Edit Shortcuts from the popup menu and continue as above.

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Ahhh, I had tried using those double lines before but obviously did not hold the touch long enough.
I have rearranged them shortcuts. Yay. I do thank you, to both of you, for the instructions.