Is there a way to create a shortcut to "regroup"?

I’d like to be able to select from my 35 listed cams in 7 groups and quickly form new groups.
Right now the process seems cumbersome.

Currently you need to remove a camera from it’s current group, then you can pull it into a new group.

Luckily we are able to remove several cameras from their current group without repeating all the steps to do each one:

  1. Select the camera group
  2. Select the Settings gear icon
  3. Select Cameras in Group
  4. Select the red minus to the left of each camera we want removed from the group (we don’t have to repeat steps 1-3 for each camera, we can remove them all quickly here)

Then they can all be added to the new group all at once too without repeating steps for each one added.

Still, I agree that it would nice if we didn’t need to first remove cameras from a group before they can be switched to another group. I would prefer that the GUI simply do something like highlight all the cameras that are already in a group in yellow or red or something to let us know they’re already assigned to a group, but still let me select it and switch it to a different group instead. Or even better, allow me to have the same camera in multiple groups. Maybe I want a camera in a group for “Outside” and in a group for “Webview Cameras” or “Cam Plus Cameras” or all sorts of different types of groups.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, I’d like a GUI interface to drag and drop and all different types of groups.
I don’t know “Rules and Shortcuts” very well.
I find myself shuffling between groups frequently and was wondering if it could be set up like I’ve set up a button to turn a bunch of cameras in different groups on.

I have some similar shortcuts to affect multiple groups all at the same time. In the add action section of the rule/shortcut I just add one camera group at a time. So I’ll tell it to add action, turn on my outside cameras group (groups are at the bottom), then do it again for the next group in the same shortcut until I’ve selected all the applicable groups.