Move Icons in the App

Is there a way to rearrange the camera and outdoor plug icons in the app? I have 4 cameras, and I have two camera icons at the top of the app, then 4 outdoor plug icons in the middle, then the other 2 camera icons at the bottom of the page in the app. I would like to move the bottom 2 camera icons up with the first two, and have the outdoor plug icons at the bottom. That way I can see all of the camera icons without having to scroll all the way down the app. It would just be more convenient, not a huge deal.

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On the main page, click the pencil in the top right of the screen, then click edit devices.

The next screen to appear will provide 2 options:

  • Option 1: Clicking on the Red circle with a line in it will delete the device
  • Option 2: Click and hold the equal symbol to the right of the device, that will allow you to drag it where you want in the list.

When done, Click the Done in the top right, otherwise your original device list will remain.


Spamoni4, thank you very much. Option #2 worked perfectly. Much easier to check out the events on the cameras now.
Thanks again for your quick reply. I wish everything was that easy, LOL.



Glad it worked out for you.

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