Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

I’m having issues with the AC Pro, as well. But my entire network is Ubiquiti and I’m not willing to fiddle with the network just to fix the cameras.

Any idea of the Xiaomi RTSP hack plays well with the AC Pros?

would the cameras run any better with an SD card to use as a buffer?
would it be a worthwhile update to the firmware?

I’m looking for some advice with this.
Does anyone have recommendations for a good camera server program for Raspbian or Android so I can setup RTSP and access the streams remotely?

I am currently using a Raspberry Pi 3+ and external USB HDD to record video from a couple of Wyze cameras and a couple of Axis cameras.
The software I am using is Orchid Core VMS. It uses a Web interface.
Orchid Core | IPConfigure, Inc.
This is enterprise grade VMS software. The only limitation is that motion detection can not be configured. I use the Wyze app for notifications, I haven’t upgraded the firmware on the Wyze cams to see if the people detection works with RTSP yet. It is free software when used with a Raspberry Pi.
With 4 cameras connected and recording continually it only uses 21% CPU, this increases to 35-40% when reviewing footage.

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Thanks. I will check that out.

If you get Wyze RTSP with BI working without Wyze cams going “No Signal” frequently, Please share your settings.

Are you using rtsp with all your cameras? I can’t get blueiris working with more than 1 camera at a time. Otherwise it drops frames and disconnects

I have one that refuses to flash from microsd. It flashes from the app just fine. Wyze replaced the camera.

That’s interesting. I threw it out months ago, I didn’t realise they would entertain replacing it. Thanks for the heads up though.

I agree that a wired solution would be nice, but 5 GHz wifi support isn’t likely to be a huge boon. Higher frequencies are more greatly attenuated by solid objects (walls, floor, roofs, etc.) that one is likely to encounter in an outdoor installation and it just has a shorter range in general due to Friis equation. 5GHz really provides two benefits of significance - higher transfer speeds and more channels. The higher transfer speeds probably don’t do that much for us unless you have a really congested network but if you live in a really dense environment (urban apartment for instance) the greater number of channels might benefit you.

What I would suggest is segregating your cameras to a separate wifi network on a second router. Particularly if you plan on doing RTSP. Wifi routers are very cheap these days ($25 will get you a really decent TP-Link N450) and you really don’t need the fastest most sophisticated router for this application. Just make sure that you pick channels at opposite ends of the wifi spectrum.

I contacted support yesterday because I can’t get my Wyze Cam 2 to flash the RTSP firmware. Some guy named John wrote me back to inform me that RTSP is a niche capability that they don’t fully support. He pointed me here. SMH I’ve already written back to tell him this is where I started.

I’m stuck on and want to set up the RTSP firmware so I can connect to Home Assistant. Hopefully someone will help me out or offer to replace the camera with one that can handle flashing from SD. Maybe John doesn’t realize that I’ll buy more cameras if I can get one connected to HA.

Hello @wpmjones Welcome to the community. These youtube videos show step by step how to setup RTSP. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’ve done that. Step by step. Exactly as the instructions and the video said. But it’s still stuck on old firmware. So I figure there are two options. Either there is something in the current firmware preventing the update and, perhaps, there is a way to trick it into updating (which is why I contacted support) or there is something wrong with the hardware and they ought to replace the camera.

Neither of which can be accomplished by support sending me to the forums.

I’m using and it’s working pretty good. I seem to remember some people having issues with the SD card not being compatible and that causing issues with flashing. I’m sure there are people here who can help you.

I’ve flashed 3 cams with the RTSP without issues.
But if I remember correctly, I got problem with one of my sd card…and, at the end, I used a card with only a small partition on it.
So, 32gb card but I created a small 512 megs partition.
I would recommend that you try this.

I would like to see the ability to reduce frame rates on the Wyze cameras. 1 fps and 5 fps options would be useful in order to reduce congestion on my wifi network and hopefully reduce errors on Blue Iris. Thank you.

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Looks like luck with this might depend on on who you talk to? I have two that won’t flash (from a two pack, so likely similar issues). I would love to get RTSP working! Do you have a contact you can recommend?

While expensive, there’s always MU-MIMO AP’s as well. I’m running 2 UBNT AC-PRO and while the $349 price tag for the UAC-AP-HD is a bit steep for just another AP, it would certainly help my network overall with nearly 40 wireless devices. IP cams are on their own VLAN, but still eating up bandwidth. Then again, I could drop in 2 more AC-PRO and isolate more devices. Unfortunately, the shape, floors and layout of the house demands at least two AP. I really could use a third at a minimum.

The trick with 2.4Ghz is to try to run on the non-overlapping channels to reduce interference. 1-6-11. If you hard set them, you may get lucky and force nearby wifi to pick a different channel if there’s too much interference.

I tried all sorts of things including different size cards and partitions, cards formatted by the cam, etc. The cam just flat out would not flash from SD. It would recognize them for storage without issue but could not be flashed.

Are you able to flash to a different NON RTSP firmware?