Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

My issue is that using RTSP the cameras constantly freeze and see to lose internet connection, coming back up after a few minutes. They are constantly doing this. Even after a few beta releases, the same issue occurs. It is like the camera is trying to feed the frames requests it is getting, locks up, reboots and comes back up. If that issue could be resolved, they would be great.

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No, they don’t. The problem with claiming every one does it that you haven’t looked at every other camera in existence. In fact, it would be surprising if you’ve actually looked at even 10%. I’ve seen several that don’t offer RTSP. The other set of cameras (Zmodo) I have connected with an NVR don’t support it.

I’m sorry to hear person detection has to be removed and glad to see you’re already working on alternatives. I understand you’re now leaning towards a cloud-AI solution. This means the AI code doesn’t use the cam’s limited capacity anymore but it’s external to it, right?
@UserCustomerGwen, does this now give back the needed space for everyone to get RTSP as part of the main release? Thanks for making RTSP available but I haven’t used it, though I greatly support this, as I would not want to miss out on all other goodies the main release offers (e.g. AI).

I don’t think that’s necessarily accurate. There are a lot of advantages to keeping it on the camera, including cost. I think it’s just a matter of whether they have (or can hire) the expertise to build that with their internal team. If not, a cloud solution is probably easier to build, but not necessarily better. It would come with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s still early days, so the course of action may not be totally determined yet.

I hope we could consider also the option to offload these AI processing on a hub/NVR/NAS, that way the camera could use all it resources to do its most important task, capturing and streaming video.

I thought this was the initial plan with the RTSP firmware; to have the bare necessities and configuration to make the camera compatible with most NVR, NAS and surveillance system software (BlueIris, Shinobi, ZoneMinder, etc…).

I think the RTSP firmware could be as simple as MotionEye and it would be fit for such setup.


Well, according to the recent post from wyze regarding person detection, “when we do re-roll out this feature (person detection) it will still be free for you - even if we end up using the cloud instead of edge-AI.”

That’s right. Earlier in the same post, they explained why they chose to implement on-camera AI, because it enabled them to provide the service for free, since there were no recurring server fees related to processing the video. Then, the portion that you posted explains that they’re exploring every option, and that regardless of what happens – even if they end up needing to do a cloud solution, which will cost them more money – it will continue to be free.

Good point. In any case, the point I want to make is that the person detection story will xnor can be an opportunity to deploy RTSP on every camera and get rid of the alternative releases. I find @Kaloy 's proposal above excellent.

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Perhaps. We’ll see what happens.

Then if this RTSP firmware will be stabilized and will be reliable for production use, I’m planning to setup up something like this: ROCKPro64 PCIe SATA Card - YouTube as low power NAS/NVR. Since it will be running Linux, its highly likely that surveillance software like Shinobi or ZoneMinder could be setup.

FWIW, ZoneMinder is terrible. I spent way too many hours working with it and gave up. It’s too clucky to be useful. I wish there was a good Linux-based software to consume, record, and monitor RTSP streams.

I am not a Linux expert, but I was able to get Zoneminder set up and functioning. I haven’t tried it in a while, nor have I tried with these WYZE cameras, mainly because they are not stable using the RTSP Firmware. They are almost perfect if they would just stop acting like they lose network connection and freeze and then reboot.

I think they get overwhelmed, lock up and then reboot. Seems like it anyway.

Actually I haven’t tried and I’m still researching other surveillance software such as ZoneMinder, Shinobi,, Bluecherry, MotionEye, ContaCam and iSpy, but I think I need to have a dedicated camera for testing since the RTSP firmware is not yet that stable, reliable (should cache/backup record to SD card in case of WiFi signal lost/interruption) and not configurable (no frame/bit rate and resolution settings).

Does anyone know if CMC (complete motion capture) is functional with RTSP firmware? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

This is the goal of RTSP ; connect the cam to a real security software like blue iris.

In theory that would be great but rtsp is not stable enough over WiFi.

I still hope that Wyze continue to develop this RTSP firmware, so I propose the following for its develpment roadmap:

  • make it bare minimal even the motion detection can be offloaded to the NVR/surveillance system back-end software
  • the firmware main function and priority should be to stream its captured video
  • configurable RTSP video stream resolution and bit rate to be able to optimized based on network and NVR/video surveillance back-end software capacity
  • use the SD card as cache/backup/fall-back on events of WiFi interruption/lost
  • configurable and functional on local WiFi (off the Internet)

And I hope we live to see the days these would happen…


Those are really good ideas. I especially like the SD card as a local CACHE.

Not only as cache, but should also do backup/fall-back recordings on the SD card depending on how the WiFi connection gets interrupted/lost. That’s the only thing I could think of to be able to compensate with the disadvantage of WiFi IP camera compared to wired/Ethernet connected ones.

I don’t think it is the Wireless that is the issue. I have other Wireless cameras from different manufacturers and they work flawlessly. It’s only the WYZE cameras that lockup when a lot of motion occurs. It is almost like the protocol for these cameras gives priority to the streaming features and while doing that, freezing the RTSP stream, causing a reboot or reset to get it back and running.