Range on Wired Outdoor Wi-Fi Floodlight / camera combo

Somewhere I read that the motion detection range is 30 feet for the new Wired Outdoor Wi-Fi Floodlight camera combo, and that it is recommended that the camera be mounted 10 feet off the ground.

Is this correct? Those specs seem very limited to me. In my application at a remote cabin, I want the “activation” area to be larger and further away from the camera, and I am concerned that a prowler could easily remove or damage the camera if it were only 10 feet off the ground. Any thoughts?

Coming from mostly ignorance I wouldn’t worry TOO much about the height - higher is probably fine? - but the effective distance is based on the abilities of the PIR sensor(s) and the pixel density of the camera. I would guess that at distance you’d have to rely more on the camera.

I have mine mounted 12-15’ off the ground and it will pick up motion in the middle of the street, which is at least 30’ away. Range and sensitivity are adjustable. I have my detection set to use the PIR only and have experimented to find the settings that work for me. It’s very adjustable both distance and width.

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Life Hackster posted this… He indicated 40’

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