Random triggering from Wyze motion sensor

I have a motion sensor V1 triggering a Wyze bulb in laundry room. It was working fine until a few months ago.
The issue is that now the light comes on randomly with no people in the room. No movement.

It’s not the worst issue, but i would like to fix it. It happens a lot. Is it a sign the battery is low?

I would not mind upgrading to the newer sensors, but I’m not interested in the subscription service.

If it is a V1, replace the battery just in case. The older sensors tend to fail with a low battery, though that is primarily the contact sensors. If you want the new V2 sensors you have limited choices. You can buy the starter kit from one of the big box stores (read in Home Depot) or you can order online from Wyze, but you’ll need to subscribe for a one month time frame and cancel, but not setup the home monitoring system. You probably won’t get any refund for the cancelled subscription so think of it as part of the price of the system.