Raccoons say hi to my Orange cat on V3

Raccoons came to say hi to my nicest kitty, Pumpkin, who shows he is not a threat so there is no fighting. The first raccoon heads straight toward the kitty door, and then thankfully doesn’t enter!

This is on a Wyze Cam V3 (cropped and zoomed in so you can see the animals better):

Cam Plus AI Beta Testing hasn’t been labeling a lot of my cats as “Pet” on this particular cam (just as “Motion”), but it labeled the video of these raccoons as pets. :slight_smile:


Be very thankful for that. A neighbor had a racoon get into his house and by the time they determined what it was and got it out (about 5 days time) there was over $5,000 in damage and costs (pest control, structure, furniture, fixtures, food, etc.).