Raccoon family at night

A family of raccoons out looking for food.

Clip 1:

And one spies the Wyze

Clip 2:


Anybody home?

This guy tried to look through the window before the family of three entered my garage through the cat door. Lucky for us that they didn’t see the cat door that goes from the garage into the house.

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In our med-large urban town, the city department that was formally called “Animal Control” is now called “Animal Care.” It’s an interesting shift.

These guys have rights to roam unperturbed, as do possums, etc. The most mischief either have ever done to us is steal our figs, so we fine.

Feral cats are now formally referred to as “community cats” and are “part of our ecosystem.”

If they are displaying behavior that indicates they are fertile, you can humanely trap them and Animal Care will pick them up, spay/neuter them, and return them to the precise location whence they came.

A lot has changed in the last twenty years. :slight_smile:

Did you know raccoons have whiskers on their fingers? Imagine that!