Quiet or silent notifications?

I didn’t see much info when searching on a way to set getting notifications without sound other than just turning off your sound. Someone did post feature request back in January. Is there a way to do this in the software app?

Android or iOS?

Android 6 i think. I’ve evn tried looking up ways to turn off the notification sound or set it to something quieter but still record the alerts.

Sorry, I’m an iOS person; don’t know about Android. In iOS, you can go into Settings and turn off sound for notifications from any given app. I would have to think there’s something analogous for Android.

I think you should be able to change the sound for that app to ‘silent’ from within Android (I’m on 8, and I don’t remember how 6 worked).

I checked this out on Android 8 And it is possible to turn off the sound and still have notifications As far as Android 6 I don’t know