Quick question

Could someone please tell me if I can record continuously without paying for Cam Plus if I put a 32 gig SD card in each camera? I understand that it will only save 12 seconds to the cloud, but can it record and store continuously to the SD card without Cam Plus?

I haven’t purchased the system yet, but it sounds fantastic from what I’m learning. I want to go ahead and purchase ASAP!

Complete system with window and door sensors on every window and door and motion sensor in every room and water sensor under every sink and behind every toilet and by the water heater. I will also buy V3 cameras and put them indoors pointing out windows (possibly even put one in every window, but probably not, but definitely at least 6 of them.)

The only problem (and it’s a big one,) is that there aren’t any smoke detectors.

Other than that $60 / year for monitoring is AMAZING! The cheapest I could find is $15 per month which is $180/year… and $25/month which is $300 per year if you have cameras.

Yes, you can have either events record to the uSD card or you can have it record continuously. Especially if you record continuously, get High Endurance cards - DO NOT buy the Wyze cards. Also, although the official spec is 32GB cards, many (maybe most) of us use larger cards. I am using 64GB cards in all 31 of my cameras, and tested one with a 128GB card.


Local storage and cloud storage are separate and independent of each other. You can have one, both, or neither at any time. The settings of one do not affect the other.

I have an SD card in every camera that can take it, as well as cloud storage enabled on my more mission critical cameras for backup and notification purposes.