Questions re cloud storage of time lapse videos

My v3 is recording on an sd card
When you record events or time lapse videos are they also automaticaly uploaded to cloud storage. If so is there a way to see my uploaded videos stored in my cloud space?



now we got it sort it out … :slight_smile:
motion and AI(CamPlus) events copied to cloud (it also got different rules depending on camera you have)
Continuous recording is local storage only

Cloud storage (free, camplus) and local storage (sd card) are completely Independant of eachother.

Cloud has free storage, 12 second clips with 5 min cool down, or camplus, clips for the duration of the motion and no cooldown between. These are viewed in the event tab on the app.

Local storage has event recording (not to be confused and different from the cloud event recording) where the full minute the motion falls into is saved, and if it goes into the next minute, the next minute is saved to the card. Or continuous where it’s recording 24/7 to the card. Also time lapse recording would fall in this category. Local storage event recording and continuous are viewed via playback, and time lapse files need to be downloaded to your device before they can be watched.

You can have one, both or neither at anytime. Only cloud recording has app notifications though.