Questions about Wyze Robot Vacuum and the app

  • If I have a location based rule on my Wyze for turning on my robot vacuum, does it mean Wyze app will be monitoring my location 24/7?
  • What is Wyze going to do with my location data?
  • Is there an alternative way to setup such automation without permitting Wyze app to use my location data?
  • When is Wyze robot vacuum going to support iOS Home app?

Thank you.

On iOS go to settings on the phone, scroll down to the WYZE app and tap the arrow on the right. Set the use of location as you see fit.

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The Wyze App runs in the background on your phone 24\7. This is the only way it can actively keep you logged in and get notifications and alerts from the server. Rules that use location based triggers “watch” your location thru the app using the phone’s GPS location chip and will trigger when you have entered or left your preset “geofencing” perimiter. If you disable the apps ability to utilize the GPS location from the phone, you loose the ability to trigger the rule.


No idea how they use that, if they store and use it at all.

Don’t use Location based rules

Can’t help there. I don’t use it.