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My wife and I both got the new watch 47. I am using a pixel 5 and haven’t had much issues. But my wife has an iPhone 12. For the life of me, I cannot get any notifications to work. It syncs, it finds phone and watch features all work fine.

I’ve changed the settings off and on multiple times. Restarted the phone & watch multiple times. Turned Bluetooth off and on (that helps on my pixel once in awhile).

I know it’s something I’m over looking. So I’m asking for advice, here are pics of her settings. Can someone please help me out? Tell me what I’ve done wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Don’t you need to enable Wyze here?

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On my pixel, I don’t have it enabled. I think the wyze there is the notification that a door opens or motion is detected. That page is the notifications that you want the watch to display in the wyze app.

I enabled it just to check and it still doesn’t work. But thank you for responding. I may end up having to get her a iwatch, I hope I get this figured out.

that’s only for wyze specific notifications

@melocco76 I’ve seen a few ppl say they had the issue on iPhone & fixed, here’s one…

more threads here: Search results for 'watch iphone notifications' - Wyze Forum

Did you allow the watch to “share system notifications” during setup? Apple is very tight on devices accessing data and they ask before letting the watch display the notifications. It can be found in the Bluetooth settings, then the watch (as a device).

You could also try toggling that off then back on to see if that will fix the issue.

The “Wyze” option needs to be turned on for all Wyze related notifications.

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