Q code wont scan

camera v3 wont scan q code ideas ?

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Does the app or camera give you an error message or is the camera just not seeing the code?
Make sure the plastic film has been removed from front of the camera and the brightness is turned up high on your mobile device. Try moving the mobile device closer and further to the camera to get the code to scan.

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Mine isn’t scanning the code either. No film, brightness is up all the way. I have moved the device closer and farther away. Turned it sideways, upside down… still–just ready to connect.

I too found it impossible to scan the QR code, recently, although years ago had no problems. But I was able to resolve the issue by switching from my small iPhone SE to the larger screen of my iPad, for the display of the QR code.

I suspect the problem is due to image size and camera focal length. A small image too far doesn’t scan, but bringing it closer makes it too fuzzy. So another potential solution is to print the QR code image (larger) and display the print to the camera a bit farther away.

Was the full qr code shown? Sometimes it gets cut off on the bottom depending on screen size and font/display settings.

I had a very hard time with the scan with iPhone. I took a screen shot and displayed the QR on my computer and the Cam picked it up right away. Seems not so intuitive.

Ummm, I don’t ever see the cut offs you mention so that surely wasn’t it.

It’s just the QR recognition programming (focus vs size, too close vs too small). Presenting the QR in larger format - like by printing, tablet, or on a monitor does the trick reliably. Attention: @WyzeGwendolyn - this needs fixing

Yep, not intuitive at all, you’re very right. Wyze ought to update the programming or instructions. Attention: @Frederik , please address this

Hi Briepage Forum Maven,
We have a solution to the QR code not scanning. Please take a look!

If the code is not cut off on the bottom one recommendation is to get the QR code shown on the phone screen and then lay the phone flat, screen up, on a tabletop or flat surface. Now take the camera you are trying to install and get it to the point of reading the QR code and set it flat on top of the phone with the lens pointed down at the phone screen. Slowly lift the camera straight up off the tabletop and off the phone. I have seen this process help folks get the QR code scanned.

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For iPhone users check your “Zoom” settings. If the “Display Zoom” settings are set to ZOOM then the QR code gets cut off and won’t scan. Go to Settings>Display&Brightness>Scroll to the bottom and look for Display Zoom, Click on View and change to Standard.

Now you can scan your QR code, setup your Wyze cam and then change your Zoom settings back to what you want.