Push notifications randomly disable notifications

Push Notifications keeps turning off in the app and I stop receiving notifications/alerts on my iPhone. This happens every few days, I will realize I’m not receiving notifications and when I open notifications in the app “push” notifications is toggled off. I have reported this I never get an answer, just told to reinstall the app or factory reset the cameras, which makes no sense because the alerts are in the event logs I’m just not receiving the push notifications because it keeps turning off (disabled)

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I have the same issue. Notification Button is mysteriously turned off about 1-2 weeks after I turn on. This has happened about 6 times already. Can someone please answer this question!!! iPhone 11Max

Any solutions for this? I’m having the same issue

I have the same issue. It undermines a main reason for choosing the smart doorbell in the first place I.e answering the door remotely.