Purple Dot on Sun on PTZ but not Wyze Cam?

Good evening everyone. I have five new cameras now and have a question in regards to the PTZ. I put one PTZ and one of the wyze cams both in external housings and have them mounted outside. They have been working excellent even through torrential rains and strong winds. However, the PTZ camera puts a purple dot over the Sun when it is facing it directly. The wyze cam does not do this. Is there a way to make the PTZ cam not do this?

There is no setting for that. However, remember the V2 and Pan are intended for indoor use only. Pointing these cameras into the sun could eventually damage the CMOS. Please see the “Can Wyze Cams be used outdoors” section of this support article.


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For my purpose they have been excellent outside. Had them for 6 months in rain sleet cold and heavy thunderstorms. For their price if it breaks oh well I’ll replace it with a new one.

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Running into this as well. Glad to see its in line with what I figured, that it likely wasn’t good for the cam. Thanks for posting this.