Provide the ability to designate a grouped cam and display its thumbnail on the Home page instead of a generic camera group icon

I have three Camera’s in my garage, in a group, this works well.

I added the Garage Door Controller with V3 to the garage, bring four camera’s into the garage

With the Garage Door Controller’s V3 NOT in a group, it looks like this to where I see a thumbnail of the garage door and the “Garage is closed” status

If I move the GDC V3 into my Camera Group named ‘Garage’ with the other three camera’s, I lose the Thumbnail and the status of my garage door “Garage is Closed”:

my Wish is: when I have a Group of Camera’s, that I can designate one of the Camera’s to be the Thumbnail for the group. (The Icon of the V2 Camera’s is of no value to me).

Why do I have four camera’s in my Garage?:
(Two camera’s (V3 and a Pan Cam V2) are mounted to the right and left of the garage door ‘looking’ out the windows in the top of my garage “down” on my mailbox in one direction, and the other looks ‘down’ on the ramp to my front door in the other direction.

Another Pan Cam V2 is on the garage door floor ‘standing by’ to catch any rats, mice or anything else that might get into my garage without me knowing it.

The Pan Cam V2’s were ‘kicked out of the house’ for being way too loud when they panned… so the garage is a better place for them.


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Like it! Would love to see this.

We have the ability to put our cams in order within the group.

If it’s too hard to set a “designated” cam for the thumbnail, which would be preferred, why not just make the #1 cam, or the top one on the list, the thumbnail?