Programming schedule in app

I can’t find a way to program the plug to come on every hour to run the device for 2 minutes each hour every day.

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Currently, there is no way (that I know of), to setup a recurring Rule which will run as you need it to. The only way I can think of doing this is by setting individual Rules (24 to be exact) to turn the plug on for 2 minutes at the top of each hour.

If there is another way, I am sure one of the other community members or @Mavens will pipe up

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Thank you for the tag @spamoni4 :+1:

Welcome to the Wyze community yourdollshop2019. You’ll need to create 2 Rules/Triggers from Wyze app Home > add/create (“+” icon upper left) > Add Rule > Device Trigger:

One trigger to turn the plug on if the plug has been off for 58 minutes:

And another trigger to turn the plug off if the plug has been on for 2 minutes:

Let us know if you need help creating these triggers. You can edit your created Rules/Triggers via the Edit (pencil) icon in the upper right corner of Wyze app Home.


Impressive solution. I knew there was a better way, I just could not think of it. Really appreciate the input. :).

Much more elegant than mine. :grin:

EDIT - They would need to initiate it at the time they wanted by manually turning the plug on, correct? This should kick off the process.

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I use similar triggers for air circulation every 15 minutes in humidity/temp controlled storage cabinets. :+1:


I have added this to my storage of Efficient Rules… :slight_smile:

This only shows how the same requirement can be accomplished in many different ways.

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Yes. :+1:

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I will try it right now and let y’all know if I run into any issues. Thank you!!


If you run into problems, please post screenshots of your Rules/Triggers so we can more effectively help.

You can also verify/audit rules execution via the history/log at: Wyze app Home > Account (lower right) > Rules > History > tap the down arrow icon to the right of an entry for details.


Yup. @Seapup worded did it perfectly. I actually have a bunch of wax warmers around my house so my house always smells good and I use a rule similar to this. At a certain time all of them turn on and once they’ve been on for so long they turn off, the second rule is once they have been off for so long they turn back on and they cycle themselves around that way. Keep in mind you can set up the time frame for which this will happen too so if you don’t want to happening throughout the entire 24-hour cycle you can set it up for only times when you’re awake via the schedule at the bottom of the rule page when you’re setting up a rule.


I just set it up with the two rules and manually started it and so far it did turn off after the two minutes. I’ll check to make sure it turns on in the 58 min time frame. Thanks for all the help!!