Programming multiple bulbs on one switch?

Has anyone suggestions on how to connect and program multiple bulbs controlled by one light switch? I have to unscrew all but one, flip switch 2x, connect. Then screw in/out next bulb 2x & connect, etc. Must be better way. Then if someone turns switch off, have to it all over again!

I have found the easiest way is to set them up in an easily accessible lamp one at a time, then put them where you want them.

I don’t see an easy way of trying to make it so you can set up multiples from one switch because when you put one in pairing mode it will put all in pairing mode, also if they are all in pairing mode you can only connect to one at a time to setup. Due to those reasons I doubt there will be an easier way.


If I connect and program a bulb, turn it off at a switch, remove it and move it to a new location, I have to completely reconnect and reprogram. What am I doing wrong?


Wyze Bulb Troubleshooting

And search here

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