How to pair multiple bulbs in the same fixture?

How do I go about pairing multiple bulbs that use the same fixture? I tried doing one at a time however each time I put the bulbs in pairing mode, it unpairs the one I just paired. (the timer isn’t long enough to do more than one bulb before the other 2 stop flashing.

I paired my bulbs one at a time then in a light fixture and then moved them to the fixtures I wanted since I had fixtures with more than one bulb


What @WyzeJasonJ said, or you can unscrew and rescrew the bulb in a socket to simulate powering off at a switch.

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Had to do the same as suggested above with my 3 bulb fixture. It was made more difficult by the fact that it has a multi-function switch too. The first click when rotating the switch is just the center bulb. The next click is the outer two bulbs. Then all thee bulbs. Then all off again. That was super frustrating until I stopped to realize I should just unscrew them and do one at a time.

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