Product Reliability

I have been using wyze cameras for few years now, but now I wonder how reliable wyze products are going to be at the rate they are coming up with new products, the past few months it’s been a new Product every couple of weeks.

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Wyze is definitely expanding, that’s true. Technology marches on, and will always create new challenges to support older products by any manufacturer. But as of this point, both Wyze V1 and V2 cameras are still viable, even after the introduction of the V3.

I’m just wondering if they are losing focus by introducing so many products. Some of the products have entirely different use cases and criticality. The service has been so lacking lately that I built a DIY setup with some spare hardware, open source, and bit of custom Python. So far my detections are almost on par with the Wyze gear.

They are basically working on automating the home. So that is their focus.

What does the Wyze Band and and the Headphones have to do with automating the home?

I Think they should focus on home automation and security.

I get all my camera and other alerts on my Band. Control all my Alexa devices too. I don’t have the headphones, so I can’t speak to that.