Problems with emailed replies to Wyze Support Tickets

I’ve created 2 support tickets to find out the status of my watch pre-order. Both times I’ve received emails from Wyze support asking for more info. I’ve replied to these emails with the additional information but it seems as if the replies never get to support, since I keep getting the initial request for more information. Is there a way to add information directly to a ticket instead using the email reply?

Use the phone 1-844-999-3226 or 1-206-339-9646 M-F 5 AM-6PM. Have your ticket # handy.


Thanks I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

Welcome @364bf771fbdd705f6f33!
Definitely try calling. Let me know how it goes!

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Just an update.

I called Wednesday morning. A new ticket was created and escalated. I have not heard back yet.

I’ve had the same problem…Wyze email support is broken. I’ve had several support sessions via chat which the tech suddenly decides it cannot be resolved quickly so the ticket is converted to email. I receive messages requesting more information or actions to which I respond via email and a few days later receive another email saying “we haven’t heard from you” and asking for the same information AGAIN!

This is a broken system and Wyze needs to fix it. @WyzeGwendolyn you have intervened before on one of these on my behalf. Why isn’t Wyze working to fix the problem? I feel guilty having to bother you every time the systems fail, but you seem to be the only one monitoring the forum and taking any action.

Any update on this? Do you have a ticket number?

The only response I had about the email issue is that their “systems” might not like some sender domains. I was sending my responses from my own domain. This was on a phone call to create the ticket that was escalated a few weeks ago.

I was unable to get my initial issue resolved through Wyze support and ultimately had to dispute the order with Amazon as I used Amazon Pay for the purchase.

My emails are from my gmail account so I don’t buy the domains response.

Can you tell me the ticket number? Was it escalated by someone on the forums?

I believe it was 1210248. It was created and escalated when I called support on 5/5/21.

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