Problems of tampering alarms

Has anyone encountered a problem with transmitting sound from the intercom to the phone? I have an intercom model AA-12FB. Notifications about unauthorized entry or break-in attempts come in silent mode, and I can’t always pick them up, which threatens my security. Could it be a problem with the configuration settings or damage to the hardware? has already helped! The question is closed, thank you all.

I think you are posting on the wrong forum…Wyze doesn’t make an intercom.


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By that model number, it looks like you have a basIP AA-12FB Multi-Apartment Entrance Panel w\ Facial Recognition.

Wyze does not make that product.

You can find Product Support and Support Chat on the manufacturers website at: Support - BAS-IP


Thanks for the reply! I’ll address Bas ip now, sorry I didn’t figure out the forum.

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