Prevent Wyze Home monitoring from being set if sensor open?

At default home monitoring can be turned on even when a sensor is open.

Is there anyway to set this to not be possible as it creates a huge problem with both the alarm going off and 911 possibly getting called costing a lot of money for a false alarm?

Its frankly a very odd default behaviour for a alarm system.

Please vote on this wishlist item:

In the meantime, while this feature doesn’t yet exist, here are some things that might help:

Note that the HMS does notify users when a sensor is left open. It announces it on the hub and it shows a message on the app.

The app shows this message:

If I then shut that sensor, it updates to show everything is good now, and it does not trigger the alarm:

But if I opened the sensor again once it closes, then that sensor still triggers the alarm.

So if the sensor is left open, it won’t create a false alarm, and if the sensor closes, it won’t create a false alarm. It will only cause an alarm if the sensor opens again after it is first closed. Then law enforcement still would only be called if the owner ignored the text message and phone call as well. So a false alarm Law enforcement dispatch requires the sensor closes, re-opens, then the siren is ignored, and the text is ignored, and the phone call is ignored.

Something that can help is to also set up “People in My Home” contacts as well. Additionally, if you frequently have a specific sensor, like a window, that often gets left open, you can potentially add some extra information in the “Dispatch Instructions” settings to explain to them that sometimes that sensor gets left open, or that your screen door sometimes doesn’t shut all the way and might blow open and closed in the wind a lot, so maybe they should make an extra effort to contact you more than once first.

Another thing that can help to avoid false alarm dispatches, is to test the system out first, purposely get Noonlight to call you, then add that number as a contact and set their phone number up in your phone to override Do-Not-Disturb settings so that calls from them always ring out loud on your phone even while you’re sleeping.

Hope the above are helpful.
Don’t forget to go vote on that wishlist to indicate that you are interested in Wyze adding the option to choose to not allow the system to arm if a certain sensor is open. :+1:


Thanks for the reply.

Frankly i absolutely dumbfounded wyze made this so the alarm can be set without everything being secured.
This is the exact opposite of how every alarm system out there works !