Pretty dissatisfied with the NEW outdoor camera

It’s only been outside 1 night. This was have been a GREAT capture…but unfortunately the camera gets fogged up all the time. For the record, I have my old wyze cam v2 outside also and it never fogs up.

That on top of requiring the seemingly totally unnecessary base station, which does not provide any features (maybe distance??) but doesn’t integrate with anything else (like my other wyze cams).

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This was excused in another thread as par for the course - the V2s generate some heat and the WCO very little - and the recommendation was a RainX coating on the lens. Not sure if I’d be satisfied with that.

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Even worse is the pointless "base station’
What would have been useful is if I could attach my sensor bridge to the base station. As is, the sensor bridge attached to one of my wyze cams is never close enough to all the sensors I want to monitor. But in a central place like where my base station is would make sense!!
Honestly, I’ve been a huge advocate for wyze for a long time, but it seems they are starting to just rush things out the door, and their quality products which made them famous are getting left behind.

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Dampen a bag of bull durham tobacco and wipe the lense with that… Worked great on car windshields inside when defroster quit… Also works on bathroom mirrors… Just sayin…

Shaving creme works too.