Preset smart detection option

Hi there, I currently have a Wyze cam v1 on Android. I thought of this preset smart detection option because of a question I was asked after reviewing a sound detection recording. I live in the country there isn’t a lot of ambient lighting not even low lighting. Short of installing motion sensitive lights or IR lighting my camera mostly ignores dim flashes of light, I’m assuming for false detection of fixed lighting being intermittently blocked by trees, flags ECT.) But I was thinking if there’s a way to have a sort of memory of lighting location and a time frame (maybe a customizable timeframe like from one to five minutes) that new or similar light flashes or identified. The number of flashed and/or distance tracked before a detection recording and notification is made. I do not own the property I currently live on and the owners live on the property owners and a family member or two also live on our near the 15 acres where home is located. The fact I use a cloud based motion sensitive recording device is not a secret. I recently was broke into twice. The first instance is why I began using your product. The second was yesterday. And thought it was funny why I didn’t receive any motion detection notification just a sound notification. One sound recording of a dog barking I noticed a dim flash of light in one five sec recording. And what I figured out was the same dim flash, on a subsequent five sec sound detection recording, a few feet from the first , I’d say about 5-10 feet. They new the position and location of my camera and avoided detection by intermittently turning their flashlight,a very dim flashlight btw, on them back of traversing a few feet then a quick back on them off. Without the dog barking twice and it being detected, I don’t own a dog so it was a faint bark, the camera would have not recorded anything. I was asked, on a completely unassociated dog barking recording, if there was a lighting change during the recording. There was but this was a charcoal grill up on the hill, not a intermittent light in motion. Thanks for y’all’s time and sorry my submission is so long I hope my submission isn’t duplicate submission and that I got all the info and description needed for a decision. Again thanks