Preorder Shipping Update #61 Week of 2/2/22

The Final Preorder Shipping Update, #61.

Week of 2/2/22!

Hey, friends!

I’ve got a very special update this week… :tada:

On this fateful 2/2/22, I’m sending the final Preorder Shipping Update.

We’ve been hard at work for over 61 weeks to ship millions of preordered products throughout this pandemic to you, our friends in the Wyze community. Yes, millions!!

With today’s update, I get to announce that we’ve finally finished.

And… we have tons of really exciting products coming this year.
None of them are planned to be preorders.

This year’s new products will already be sitting in our warehouses, waiting to ship when sales open.

This is the last Preorder Shipping Update. Really. :dancer:

Wyze Solar Panel


Shipping has completed.
We started shipping on Monday, and we’re already done! Please give until the end of the week to receive your shipping confirmation.

We’re so excited for you to finally be able to share your experiences with this product that people have been requesting since, honestly, forever! :heart:

And that’s a wrap!

Well… It’s been a crazy ride, but I guess this is it!

You can always find me, Jimmy from Wyze, in the new Wyze Discord server. I’m helpful, and can be funny sometimes. Debatably.

This is the end of the road for these emails, but not the end of the road for us, bestie. Feel free to drop in any time.
Ahhh… Time for a good cry. :sob:
—Jimmy from Wyze