Pre-order Shipping Update 12/30/2020

Here is an update as of 12/30/20:

Preorder Shipment Update #4

Week of 12/30/2020!

Hey, friends!

My name is Jimmy and I’m a Community Manager here at Wyze. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

You’ll be getting an email from me every week to keep you up-to-date on our progress getting your preordered items to your doorstep. Every week! If I miss one, my coworkers have promised me a swift sweet potato pie to the face on my first day back at the office in person. I’m not really a big fan of sweet potatoes, so the stakes are pretty high. :flushed:

First, some weekly reminders.

  • Think back to when you placed your preorder. Did you live somewhere else? Was your first name different? Last name? Did you change your hair color last month because you’re having a hard 2020? Same. If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact our support team ASAP! Let’s make sure that we have the right info to get your devices to you. They’re of no use to you if they never get to the right place!

  • The dates that you see below are estimates for when your devices will ship . This is a big step and where our personal handling of your package ends… But if we’ve learned anything about shipping in the past few weeks, it’s that you should keep in mind there’s a bit more adventuring to be done with the shipping carrier. :truck::dash:

  • Once shipped, we’ve been told by our partners that it can take 4-14 business days to get packages to you. Things are clearing up a bit post-Christmas, but it’s possible that things can still get a bit clogged.

  • Not in the Contiguous US? If you’re in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, it could take up to 2-4 weeks to deliver your packages. Gotta do some non-truck traveling to get to ya.

These emails are here to keep things as transparent as possible, so read on if you’d like to hear the details and get a heads up if we’re expecting any potential hurdles or speedups with manufacturing and shipping out your product. If you don’t really care too much about the details, I’ve formatted this email for you too - the estimated dates from this week are next to the picture of each item. Feel free to skim for the date estimates and I’ll keep you posted next week if things change.

Okay! Done with the boring stuff. Now onto the fun… Here’s this week’s update! :dancer:

Wyze Cam v3

73% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from November 8th - November 26th
Should ship by 1/2.

November 27th - December 21st

Should begin shipping in mid-January.

Notes for Wyze Cam v3

We’re still ahead of our schedule on the outstanding v3 orders, so I’ve been able to move about 5 additional days’ worth of orders up to shipping by 1/2. :eyes:

The next wave after the end of this week is dependent on when our additional shipments come in. If they come in a little early, then we may be able to ship a bit earlier than we’re estimating. We’re otherwise still aiming to start getting the rest of the orders out around the middle of next month.

Note: Wyze Cam v3 is still temporarily out-of-stock so we can focus on fulfilling the rest of the preorders ASAP.

Wyze Thermostat

100% of preorders have been shipped.

All of the outstanding preorders for Wyze Thermostat have shipped!

New orders are expected to ship within our normal 1-3 day window until preorders end.

Notes for Wyze Thermostat

In case you missed it, we caught up with all of the Wyze Thermostat preorders last week. We’re keeping thermostat preorders open a bit longer to allow more people to get in on the special preorder pricing before our inventory starts being affected by the new tariffs.

By the way, Mike is quite happy that everyone is enjoying the satisfying clickiness of the reinforced non-wobbly wheel. We were real particular about that, if you recall. We’re so happy that it paid off! :grin:

Wyze Headphones

100% of preorders have been shipped.

All of the outstanding preorders for Wyze Headphones have shipped!

New orders are expected to ship within our normal 1-3 day window until preorders end this week.

Notes for Wyze Headphones

:rotating_light: Last call! Wyze Headphones preorders are closing at the end of the day TOMORROW, 12/31. :rotating_light:

If you wanna hear more of your favorite songs (or less of everything else considering the REALLY good Active Noise Cancellation), get your order in ASAP before these advance to a general launch and are subject to our 2021 post-tariff pricing.

Since all outstanding preorders for these have shipped and preorders will be turned off this week, this will be the last Preorder Shipping Update that includes Wyze Headphones. Though they’ll probably be on my head while I’m writing future emails, so they’ll still be here in spirit. :headphones:

Wyze Video Doorbell

These haven’t started shipping yet.

At this time, it looks like these will start shipping by early February. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Notes for Wyze Video Doorbells

We’re currently manufacturing new and improved Wyze Video Doorbells for estimated shipping in February. While the inventory is building up, I unfortunately don’t have any more specific details to share but we’re hoping that our aggressive timeline with these will allow us to move some early fulfillments to late January. We’ll let you know as these dates get closer!

As an aside, ever since we launched the Wyze Video Doorbell, I haven’t stopped thinking about how knock-knock jokes won’t make any sense in the hypothetical future where we all check our phones for visitors before they even physically get to the door. That’s like half of my sense of humor. Awkward. :grimacing:

Wyze Robot Vacuum

28% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from November 10th
Should ship by 1/9.

Orders from November 11th - December 22nd
Should ship by 1/29.

Notes for Wyze Robot Vacuum

We’re able to ship a few more orders than we anticipated by the end of this month! We’re quite a bit ahead of our original schedule now.

We’ve still got a planned slower trickle once we get through this last portion of our current inventory. Although we’re waiting for more, we’re feeling pretty confident that these additional shipments will position us well to be able to send out the rest of the preorders by the end of January. Make sure you warn the crumbs on your floor that we’re comin’ for ‘em. :footprints:

P.S. Please make sure that you select your backer reward! You should have two emails from us with instructions. The deadline is next Monday - don’t miss out!

Wyze Sprinkler Controller

Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Shipping starts in mid-to-late January. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

Please make sure to head out to your lawn and tell your sprinklers that the wait will be over soon. They tend to be quite impatient.

Wyze Watch

Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Wyze Watches are set to start shipping in February. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

In the meantime, do you have your Shortcuts set up to control your other Wyze products?
Could be a good distraction to set them up ahead of getting your watch so you’re ready to integrate when you set it up. :blush:

Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware

Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

The new generation of Wyze Sense is estimated to begin shipping in March. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

This includes Core Starter Kits as well as additional Entry Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Keypads.

Ordered Wyze Cams with your Wyze Home Monitoring equipment? They’ll ship separately as soon as they’re in stock.

Wyze Plug Outdoor

Preorders have not yet begun to ship.

Our newest Wyze product is set to start shipping in January. I’ll have more specific dates for your order(s) once shipping has begun.

At the risk of this being a shameless plug, we wanted to remind you that you can still preorder a Wyze Plug Outdoor if you want to get in on this early!
Thanks for reading through another week’s worth of updates! Everyone at Wyze hopes you had a great holiday weekend and we all wish you a very happy new year. I’ll be in touch with more updates next week if your product hasn’t already shipped!

– Jimmy from Wyze


I love the update emails. I do wish there was a way we could view only the things that are different and changed from the previous week. I feel like I have to read the entire message, only to learn 99% of it is the same from last week.

I wonder if they could highlight (Color Fill) changes from the previous week in yellow for TL;DR people; or use a special font, or BOLD or something. I think most of us would be happy with a simple and direct overall update at the top, and then all the blah blah blah loquaciousness and repetition afterward. Maybe only put the updates/changes at the top. At the very worst a short summary of all of them without all the wording like this:


  • Wyze Thermostat: All Pre-orders fulfilled
  • Wyze Headphones: All Pre-orders fulfilled
  • V3: Orders from Nov 8th - Nov 26th should ship by 1/2/21. (bolded since different from last week)
  • V3: Orders from Nov 27th - Dec 21st Should begin shipping in mid-Jan
  • Wyze Robot Vacuum: Orders from Nov 10th Should ship by 1/9. (Bolded because it’s different from last week’s email)
  • Wyze Robot Vacuum: Orders from Nov 11th - Dec 22nd Should ship by 1/29. (Bolded because it’s different from last week’s email)
  • Wyze Plug Outdoor: Est Jan
  • Wyze Sprinkler Controller: Est mid-to-late Jan
  • Wyze Video Doorbell: Est Early Feb
  • Wyze Watch: Est Feb
  • Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware: Est Mar (Bolded because it’s different from last week’s email)


And then list all the loquaciousness, redundancy and jokes (and yes, I do appreciate them).
This would be a much better way to do the email.
Honestly, all I really need to read in the email is what’s different from last week, so they could just summarize it at the top with this:


  • Wyze Robot Vacuum: Orders from Nov 10th Should ship by 1/9.
  • Wyze Robot Vacuum: Orders from Nov 11th - Dec 22nd Should ship by 1/29.
  • Wyze Home Monitoring Hardware: Est Mar

Those 3 lines tell you everything you really need to know about what is being said differently this week than was said in last week’s email Everything else was the exact same as last week. That’s really all that 99% of people care to know about. Also, I know Jimmy promised to do an email every week…but if nothing at all changed, the top line could simply say:

If No Differences from last week:

SUMMARY: No changes from last week’s email

And then repeat everything with new jokes.

It’d be great if someone could pass this constructive feedback on to Jimmy from Wyze.

I will see if I can forward this feedback to Jimmy, but no guarantees.

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I did not receive any emails for me to select my backer reward for the Wyze Vacuum I preordered. In fact, the only email I ever received is from Amazon as I paid with Amazon Pay. My account does show that the order is awaiting shipping in January. How do I select the reward? How do I contact Wyze short of calling on the phone?

Here are the ways to contact support, the best way would be by phone, but I dont think you could do that until Monday with the holidays.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Any idea on what the headphones will cost after the pre-orders end today? Trying to decide if I need to order or can wait…

Yeah, I am half-tempted myself. I want some eventually, but I spent too much money on smart devices this fall, so to not upset my wife, I’ve been trying to wait until maybe spring or summer…just makes more sense to get them now… :frowning:

I think Wyze said the new Tariffs would raise the vacuum from $200 to $250 (25% increase from the preorder price). But that is a huge jump. Will the headphones increase the same amount? Does weight and size matter, or is it just price?

A proportional increase (25%) would mean the headphones would go from $50 to $62.50. But that’s assuming it went up the same ratio as they said would happen with the Vacuum.

The extra 25% (guesstimate) might be worth paying just to keep my wife happy by spreading out my purchases. You know, the whole: “Happy Wife, Happy Life” thing…

Please be aware that if you order multiples of an Early Access Product that you are eligible for only a single Backer Reward. Logical people expect that you would get a Backer Reward for each product, but it just goes to show how Wyze treats its customers.

Thanks for the quick response. You are a wyze (wise) man!! I’m in the same boat as you, waaaay over budget on technology, so will probably wait as well. Happy New Year, CarverOfChoice (and everyone else)!!

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Thanks for communicating- I was happy to see you said ‘manufacturing new improved doorbell’ but does this address any deficiencies noted in beta by CNET (like no power kit, cant use existing chime, glitchy performance including many “phantom” alerts when the sun or a shadow hit the camera.) Basically I want Waze doorbells, but that report made me ‘wait and see’ vs pre-order. Lastly, any plans for a battery version/option? (I am going to test at 1 location w/o power the Ring battery one that was on-sale, but would prefer to be waze)

Received my Cam v3 Today…

…and, Wow! Night-time video is incredible. This is a great camera, and even better at $20. Don’t know how you guys do it, but thank you!