Pre-order for $20 and now they're $15?

Why exactly did I pay $5 more for Pre-order? Aren’t they usually cheaper when you do that?

Lol :slight_smile:

There’s no chip in the Night Light

There is a chip in EVERYTHING, lol. And shortages are creating inflation. So not surprised at higher prices, when they occur.

Interesting the OP never said chip or night light, lol. But not surprised at a knee-jerk inflation reaction by Wyze, if that happened.

Small margins. You guys would rather have them go out of business, rendering all your devices useless? They are after all still the lowest cost overall, no?

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Did you miss that their complaint was the price going down, not up?

It all appears to be moot, as at the moment when I go to the product page for the nightlight, it shows “Email me when available”.

I’m curious if perhaps the $20 they paid for the pre-order included shipping while the $15 price they saw later did not.

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It’s so silly. An easy reply could just be “you paid for shipping too” or some such verbiage. It’s much easier to be unhelpful and flame the person for not knowing something so you can obtain your internet points.

I would say reflect on your life choices, but society will correct you on its own. Thanks for being kind.

I was hoping to get a second set for that price, but I see they have listened to your complaint, and now raised the price to the regular $20 and ADDED shipping to that cost. So, now that it will cost $25 to get any more of them shipped to us, we early adopters can be well satisfied.

The original pre-order was $19.99 plus shipping. $5 paid for the manufacturing :slight_smile:
Probably just a sale for Light Day during WyzwWeek2021