Power wiring to the camera[s]

My home was prewired for cameras. There is power wiring to each camera location and individual home runs back to tha central panel. I would sure like to power the camera[s] from this location and use this wiring and these locations which includes both inside and outside locations. Is that possible?

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Question, what kind of wiring was run? Ethernet Cables, Outlets, Barrel Connectors, etc?

In most cases, you should be able to use what is there with an adapter, if needed.


It is ethernet cable, Probably cat 5. What I was thinking was to take one of cameras power cable and cutting it in half. Splicing the 110 power output of the transformer low voltage to the Ethernet cable and the other end to the camera. Do you think that might work? Are the cameras polarity sensative?

Yes, the cameras are polarity sensitive. The biggest problem is voltage drop in the long lines. Your best bet is to send 12 or 24 volts down the Cat-5 and put a local regulator at each camera. You can get ones that have a micro USB output which is what the camera needs.

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I have an old 12v CCTV camera system I used to power my V2’s (substitute V3). The old bullet cameras work alongside my Wyze cameras. At the bullet camera locations where a V2 was to be placed, I tapped off the bullet power supply with a 12v to 5v step-down transformer. I some cases I had to upgrade the bullet camera power adaptors to a higher amperage capacity for the added load of the V2.

My post Powering V2’s with old 12 cctv systems

One advantage of tapping off of existing camera power is that the Wyze camera can be power cycled by flipping the switch that controls the old camera.

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everyone will have different options. I ran PoE to all of my locations which allows for power, future growth for Data, and changing to a PVR if I wish. Here is what I did:

The Camera end, I added this connector and plugged it into the Camera:


Then at the end where all the Homeruns ended up I used a PoE switch - you can get many models and brands. I opted for this:


Been hooked up since the beginning of the year without issues.


Victor, this is great info.

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This is great info. I would like to use the exisiting wiring and this solution appears to allow me to do that.

I also have a number of outdoor cameras and the Wasserstein solor solution is a very viable too. I ordered one of them from Amazon yesterday which will be here today. If that works, between your solution and the solor solution I am good to go.

Again, thank you.


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Let is know how the solar panel is. More curious as I have 2