Power recycling remotely

I have my Wyzecam up in the mountains away from where we live in the city, We visit infrequently in the winter. Now and again the power goes off in the mountains. After it resumes I can never get the Wyzecam to restart. I get Error message 90, and am told to “Power recycle”. Can I do this from 125 miles away? Any suggestions. (NO problem with the cheaper Wyze device!)

@Loki posted some great info about using various smart switches to power cycle the camera remotely:


Keep going please! I appreciate your trying to help.

Did you click the quoted topic name “Restarting the camera remotely”? Loki does provide links to 2 products, one is a standard smart plug, the other is a device that monitors your internet connection and power cycles your router or other connected network equipment when it loses connection.

Someone else mentioned a device that can cycle power when it receives a text message or a phone call, but I believe that was more expensive and required a phone plan of some kind. I guess it depends on what kind of phone/network access you have to your cabin and how much you’re willing to pay for reliable access.

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A smart plug sounds a good idea, and the one about restoring internet connection even better. Do you recall whatLoki suggested as to the product?

Hopefully quoting from another thread works :slight_smile:

Hey thanks! Just ordered a couple of WiFi Smart plugs. I’ll go up and install this weekend.