Power Loss Notification for V2

Cat knocked off usb plug. V2 off.

Can Wyze send email notification to user that their device is offline?

I don’t see why not. There is a specific part of the forums to suggestions like this. Sorry i don’t have the link for you.

What you are looking for is the Wishlist, an area for suggested improvements. Links below. BTW, good idea!

How to Search and Use the Wishlist and Roadmap Threads

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My router does that for me. However I am NOT running a typical consumer grade router at home. Every hour my router pings all of my IoT devices (except my Echo Dots that don’t respond to pings). Any device that fails to respond results in an E-Mail to me.
BTW, if anyone is running a Mikrotik router and would like my script, let me know. More than happy to share it with you (you will have to edit it a bit for your purposes).

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Wyze is Not Good on Making Wish come True.

It should be Hope list.