Power Draw Issue Wyze Outdoor Cam Fix

Currently, there is an issue with Wyze Cam Outdoor when plugged into a power source while on. Apparently the camera draws a lot of additional power and when hooked up to a solar panel it drains the battery in about 2 days as opposed to using the same amount of power and trickle charging. I have noticed this issue when the camera is turned off from the software side (not from the hardware switch) aswell.

I am fully aware that using a panel can void the warranty if the camera is affected by water damage, however this is more of a me problem that I am ok accepting.

Proposed Fix: This seems to be a software issue, I would request that Wyze release an update to the camera where it maintains the same power draw plugged in as when it is not plugged in. Or at the very least add a toggle option to do so rather then it being automatic.

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I was wondering if the charging capacity of your solar panel was adequate under the sunlight conditions at the time?
It sounds like to me that you cannot charge the batteries in place while the camera is on. Thats a shame!