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Is there a way to convert the power end of a CCTV cable to power wyze camera. I have a night owl system thoughtout my house and want to use existing cable runs.

If your CCTV cams run off 12VDC, you can use an approach like this:

Or like this:

Yes I know about the power supply. I can inject 5v to the cable. I guess the question should have been is there a way to adapt the cable end to connect to the camera.

No! That’s not what the posts said. DON’T inject 5V to the cable. Leave the cable carrying 12VDC from the CCTV cam supplies. At the far end (the Wyzecam end) of the CCTV cable, convert the 12VDC to 5VDC. If you use an automotive dash cam converter, the output voltage (5VDC) will be on a short microUSB cable that you can plug directly into the Wyzecam. Easy-peasy!

I am just doing the same injecting 5v over the cable, the interesting thing is I measured the voltage to be 5.15v at the far end, which seems to be ok, but then it does not power the camera, any ideas why?

Should I just give up and use the dash cam power supply?

Maybe its because of the distance even though the voltage is the same the current is decreased too much because of the length. If that is the case then I really have to get a dashcam power kit, the problem with that is I have to tuck in all those unnecessary wires :frowning:

I think the solution might be to get a higher current 5V DC adapter.

When you measured 5.15v at the far end, was the camera connected and drawing the maximum current (i.e., in Night mode with the LEDs turned on)?? Or did you measure the voltage open circuit (with no load)? Probably the former. I suggest that you measure the voltage at the far-end (at the camera) with the camera in operation. You’ll find that the voltage drops due to the series resistance of the long wire run. The drop is proportional to the length of your cable.

Getting a higher current 5VDC adapter will make no difference.

16 AWG 1000 ft is about 4 ohm, if this is correct, then my 100 ft extension will be less than 1V drop, so maybe I will get a 6V3A adapter, its just a lot of trial and error and waiting for the shipment. I guess 5VDC flowing through the security wire is okay then.

I tried a 6V 2.5A adapter and the camera went from yellow to blue to yellow again, does that mean I still need to crank up the voltage? 6.5V?

The output voltage of inexpensive power bricks is generally achieved at the rated current. Your 6V 2.5A adapter will probably produce something around 6V when delivering 2.5A. But if the load current is less than 2.5A (for example, a Wyze V2 camera which normally draws about 300 mA), the output voltage will be higher. That could put the camera at risk…

When it’s 6V the camera cycles power and the app says -90 error message, when its 6.5V it’s just not showing yellow at all, so the ideal voltage is somewhere in between, which means I am giving up :smile:

I should have listened to you to begin with, get a 12v to 5v to begin with, I dont quite like so much wire I have to tuck in at each outside location, but other than running power extension this seems to be a good reliable solution, like this one:

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Even if you found the ‘ideal’ voltage and got the cam stable and working in Day mode, when it switches into Night mode, the current draw increases by about 1/3. The increased current will lead to reduction in voltage at the camera, due to (a) resistance in your wiring, and (b) lack of regulation in the power adapter. The drop in voltage can then make the camera unhappy. Putting a proper regulated 5VDC supply at/near the camera is a much better approach (except for having to deal with the wires!).

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I am not sure day and night current spike will cause any issue once the ideal voltage is reached and I have an “up to 2.5A” capacity, just like the WYZE provided adapter is fixed at 5VDC and 1A. Maybe I am missing something. I just dont know how to get a for example 6.25VDC adapter, seems to be a lot of trials and errors to get it right and its therefore not worth it :smile: Thanks for your suggestions.

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