Potential memory issue with iwatch and Wyze?

Memory issues with the iwatch and Wyze notifications? I’ve noticed a memory issue with my iwatch and I’m not sure if there is a link to Wyze but with several notifications from my cameras this could be one reason. I noticed there is NO iwatch Wyze app that allows users to remove Wyze updates going to the iwatch. This would be helpful as well.

I assume you mean the Apple Watch (it’s not called the iWatch)?
If so, the Apple watch basically mirrors your iPhone notifications in it’s default settings. However, you can turn off Apple Watch notifications for individual apps, such as Wyze. You do that in the watch app on your iPhone, not in the Wyze app. Just go to the Apple Watch settings/notifications on the watch app and turn off Wyze or any other app you like.

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Yes, I mean Apple Watch 5
In trying to solve a memory issue with the watch, one area of concern was all the Wyze notifications as a source of cause.
There is NO Wyze app to turn off, on the watch app. Since I turned off all notifications i’ve had no memory issues on the watch.
Maybe the latest firmware update created an issue? Not sure.

Maybe the 5 is different than my 4? On mine, if I go into the watch app on my phone, click Notifications, and then scroll down, there’s a list of all the apps with a switch to turn each one on or off. Wyze is on the list with the rest of the apps on mine. If it makes any difference, I have IOS 14.2 and Watch OS 7.1